All American Gutter Protection is the result of several decades of experience in gutter protection. We looked at how other micro mesh gutter guards failed — they tried, but they fell short — and we came up with an American made product that is suited for every house and every climate across America!


Why do we manufacture with 100% recycled aluminum? Why did we build the strongest aluminum gutter guard available anywhere? It’s simple…we don’t cut corners and save costs at our customer’s expense with plastic or vinyl gutter guards that will eventually warp and fail under extreme heat or cold.


Do your neighbors have more trees than you? Less trees? Or…do you live in a winter climate while your “neighbor” is located in heat scorched southern region?

We manufacture All American Gutter Protection with 3 distinct micro mesh screens that are: 1) Ideal for different regions, and 2) Interchangeable so that we can install the perfect gutter protection for your home.