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All American Gutter Protection has a busy upcoming weekend here in Florida! The weather is set to be beautiful, and with our gutter guards, you can go enjoy that weather and never worry about cleaning your gutters again! You can find us at multiple locations throughout the week and weekend. Come find us for your free estimate with a 10% discount at all the events!

Gutter Guards at the Clay County Fair

We will be offering free estimates for our gutters and gutter guards at the Clay County Fair in Green Cove Springs. The fair ends Saturday night, so act fast! The Clay County Fair has plenty of food choices, as well as unlimited family friendly activities/events. The fair has had a huge turnout so far, so come join the fun!

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Gutter Guards at the Flagler County Fair

All American Gutter Protection will also have a booth set up at the Flagler County Fair which takes place April 6-10 in Bunnell, Florida. Any homeowner in the area that has gutter issues can stop by and talk to our guys for their free estimate (10% install discount). As most people know in the area, Bunnell was actually named after an early resident who made shingles as a living. Anyone with gutters knows how that shingle grit can pile up in your gutter, causing major issues. The All American Gutter Protection gutter guard design is made with a surgical grade stainless steel micro mesh, thin enough to where the shingle grit cannot even enter into your gutters.

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Gutter Guards at the Bradford County Fair

Calling all strawberry lovers! The 18th annual Bradford County Strawberry Festival will be taking place this weekend on April 9th and 10th. Come find everything you need ranging from: Strawberries, BBQ, Seafood, Shortcake, Country Cooking, Smoothies, Kitchenware, Jewelry, Pet Accessories, and of course, gutters/gutter guards! We are very excited to be taking place in this event! We hope to assist with all of Starke, Florida’s gutter and gutter guard needs.

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All American Gutter Protection specializes in 6″ seamless aluminum gutters and the installation of our patented gutter guards. Everything we do is backed by our lifetime performance warranty, which means if our products ever stop performing the way you would like them to, give us a call and we will come make it right! For any homeowner interested in a free estimate, find us at one of the events listed above or give us a call at (844)-709-9712!

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