Canton, Ohio Gutter Guards

Our Canton, OH office had a busy weekend this past weekend! Free Estimates for gutters and gutter guards were given away at two local events in the NE Ohio area. All American Gutter Protection’s patented design on gutter guards is one that cannot be matched. Rainfall in the spring time in NE Ohio picks up every year, and it is doing it again this year. There is a lot of rain in the forecast for the next few upcoming weeks, make sure your gutter guards are doing their job!

What to look for when searching for the right gutter guards:

Make sure all gutter guards can do two main things: Keep debris out of your gutter, and hold all the water that falls off your roof. The main focus of homeowners when searching for gutter guards is to assure that no leaves or debris can get in your gutters. Truth is, almost all gutter guards you put on your gutters will stop the leaves and debris from getting in. They are specifically designed to sit atop your gutters to help ensure that nothing will ever get in. Be aware of products that claim the water will curl under the guards as the debris slides off the top, if you have ever seen the way water flows and carries whatever is near it, you know that debris will start to follow the water into your gutters.

You also must make sure that the product you are buying will allow all of the water to get in your gutters as well. There are hundreds of designs to compare when looking for gutter guards, differences will range from the price all the way to the life expectancy. Something to keep in mind while shopping, “Good things aren’t cheap, and cheap things aren’t good”. You want to find a strong sturdy product that will withstand any obstacles that might come that way. Buying the right product at the right price is key, do not base a decision solely off price, or you might find yourself shopping for gutter guards again sooner than you think.

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