On September 24th, EcoWatch reviewed All American Gutter Protection, giving it a 4 out of 5-star rating!

EcoWatch, a leader in environmental news, empowers readers to make educated and environmentally conscious decisions that support sustainability. The company works with a panel of experts to give its most unbiased reviews so you can make the best sustainable decisions for your home. 

At a glance, the article highlighted All American Gutter Protection’s history, materials, price, quality and services. Founded in 2015, All American Gutter Protection specializes in clog-free gutter guards backed by a lifetime performance guarantee. The materials have outstanding longevity, including aluminum frames and stainless steel micro mesh. 

EcoWatch covered six pros of All American Gutter Protection, including its positive customer reviews, lifetime warranty, recyclable materials, high-quality product, various customization options and promise to fix issues for as long as you live in your home. The cons mentioned in the article were All American Gutter Protection’s unsuitable design for DIY installation and its minimal sustainability as a company. 

“While we wish it took a better stance on being environmentally friendly, the customer satisfaction from All American is high, and most homeowners are pleased with the product they receive,” said EcoWatch’s Dan Simms, an experienced writer passionate about sustainability. 

EcoWatch explained All American Gutter Protection’s typical price range ($15-20 per linear foot) depends on various factors such as your location, home size, gutter system condition, roof complexity and many additional factors. It’s best to reach out to us for an estimate and we will send one of our gutter experts to give you a free same-day estimate that’s good for one year!

Overall, EcoWatch touched point on All American Gutter Protection’s offerings and efforts in sustainability by using recyclable materials. 

All American Gutter Protection is pleased to be named one of the best by EcoWatch and is committed to providing homeowners with quality services. All of our materials are made of cutting-edge quality and designed in the United States. We guarantee that our gutter protection products will work as described in the customer’s contract for the life of their home. If our services or products fail to meet your expectations, contact us, and we promise to make it right.

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