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Leaf Protection Benefits

All American Gutter Protection offers leaf protection solutions for home owners in 18 states! Whenever your gutters aren’t working as they should, it can lead to overflow issues that damage your landscaping. While this overflow usually affects the overall curb appeal of a home, the problem can go beyond just aesthetics. Your home can face extensive damage — even at the foundation level — when the rainwater starts to flow where it shouldn’t.

Fortunately, you can take preventive measures to ensure your gutters stay operational. At All American Gutter Protection, we make sure your home and family are protected year-round with the best residential gutter covers.

What Is Gutter Protection?

Over time, leaves and debris will fall into your gutters and start to collect. If the gutters aren’t regularly inspected and cleaned out, this debris can create a clog that prevents the water from properly flowing away from your home.

Home leaf protection can help safeguard your most valuable asset by:

  • Keeping your landscaping mud-free and looking its best.
  • Preventing shifts and cracks from forming in your patio, sidewalks and driveway.
  • Ensuring your gutters, fascia and roof are protected against overflowing water.
  • Safeguarding your basement and home’s foundation from leaks and water damage.
Roof Damage
Clogged Gutters Roof Damage
Gutter Damage
Gutter Guard Roof Damage

About Our Home Gutter Protection Service

Here at All American Gutter Protection, we offer micromesh gutter guards. While other forms of gutter protection use cheap plastic or vinyl, we specialize in making guards out of rugged, high-performing materials. Our products are made using a 100% aluminum body and a stainless steel micromesh screen.

Our design process yields leaf guards that won’t bend, crack or warp over time. The screen effectively prevents debris like seeds, shingle grit, maple spinners and leaves from falling in and clogging your gutters. Best of all, we offer our home gutter protection for a competitive price to help you safeguard your most valuable asset

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Overflowing Gutter
Foundation Damage
Clogged Gutters Foundation Damage
Gutter Guard Foundation Damage

Our Gutter Services

Along with offering the best-performing residential gutter protection, our team is made up of rainwater management experts who boast over 50 years of combined experience. No matter what your needs are, you can count on us to meet them.

We can install our gutter guards on any section of your home. Whether your house has gutters only in key areas like over the patio or along the roof of every wall, we’ll make sure they get effective protection.

With leaf protection locations spanning 18 states, we make finding installation and support for gutter guards easier than ever.

Overflowing Gutter
Gutter Guard Landscape Damage
Gutter Guard Landscape Damage
Gutter Guard Landscape Damage

Why Choose All American Gutter Protection?

Leaf protection products from All American Gutter Protection are backed by decades of research and industry expertise, so you can experience peace of mind knowing that our gutter guards will perform exactly as expected. We are passionate about using only the highest-quality materials and manufacturing our products right here in the United States.

We even back our gutter guards with a lifetime performance guarantee (call for details). That means that you can expect clog-free gutters for the entire life of your home.

clogged gutters sidewalk damage
Overflowing Gutter
Clogged Gutters Driveway Damage
Gutter Guard Sidewalk Damage
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