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Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Entire Home

It’s not just your gutters and roof that are at risk. Homes face extensive damage when gutters get clogged with leaves and debris and rainwater overflows. But All American Gutter Protection gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your gutters are guaranteed clog-free for the life of your home!

Protect Your Roof

Water damage from overflowing gutters can damage your roof, your gutters, and your fascia.

Roof Damage
Clogged Gutters Roof Damage
Gutter Damage
Gutter Guard Roof Damage

Protect Your Basement & Foundation

One of the most expenses consequences of overflowing gutters is foundation damage. When rain water is not correctly diverted away from your home it can lead to cracks and shifts on your home’s foundation as well as basement leaks and water damage.

Overflowing Gutter
Foundation Damage
Clogged Gutters Foundation Damage
Gutter Guard Foundation Damage

Protect Your Landscaping

Water runoff from overflowing gutters can turn your gorgeous landscaping into a muddy mess.

Overflowing Gutter
Gutter Guard Landscape Damage
Gutter Guard Landscape Damage
Gutter Guard Landscape Damage

Protect Your Driveway and Sidewalk

Rain water overflow from clogged gutters will cause shifts and cracks in your sidewalks, patio, and driveway.

Overflowing Gutter
Clogged Gutters Driveway Damage
Gutter Guard Sidewalk Damage