debris in gutterDid you know gutter guards can help protect your home from a fire? Wildfires are becoming increasingly frequent in the United States and homeowners must take preventative measures to protect their homes. Gutter guards can significantly reduce home damage caused by wildfires due to their prevention of dry leaves or debris-catching embers. 

How can gutter guards prevent fire? 

Gutter guards are manufactured to prevent debris from clogging the gutter and accumulating around the home. According to experts, embers in a wildfire can land on the roof and gutters and catch fire to anything that has accumulated inside your gutters.  The University of California stated that metal gutters and gutter guards are the most effective at containing fires because it is less combustible and prevents debris from accumulating in gutters. 

Preventative measures for fires 

It’d be impossible to predict when a fire is, so gutter experts suggest cleaning your gutters often even if you do have gutter guards installed. Make sure no clogging is present could cause debris accumulation inside or on top of gutter guards. Remove any additional fire hazards around your home that can cause spreading or a bigger fire. In addition, make a fire escape plan for your home in case of a fire. 

A fire can never be predicted but measures can be taken to prevent it from spreading and damaging your home. Regardless if wildfires are common where you live, it’s always smart to create a fire safety plan and escape for your home. Metal gutter guards are smart to install on your home to prevent the spread of fires that are coming near the top of your home.