Gutters channel water flow away from your home to avoid damage to your homes foundation. Free water flow only happens when gutters are clean from dirt and debris. Many tree and roof experts recommend cleaning gutter systems at least twice per year. This prevents overflowing, clogs, leaks and damage to your home as well as limits rodent activity. Gutters can become an easy access point for many pests to nest and reproduce, including mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels.

Why Are Pests Attracted to Gutter Systems?

Common nesting materials like leaves, twigs, dirt and pine needles are frequently found on your roof and gutters. These attract rodents to your home, especially in the fall and winter when they are looking for a warm hideout. It’s important to frequently remove material clogging and attracting rodents to your gutters. If your gutters are in bad condition, it can be an easy entry point into your home for warm-seaking rodents. Aged gutters can deteriorate and make it easy for rodents to find weak places in your home’s exterior, letting them gnaw their way in. Mice can gnaw through materials like wood, plastic, rubber and even low gauge aluminum. On top of that, aged gutters can cause expensive destruction to your home’s roof, foundation and walls. This can lead to cracks, holes and leaks, which are costly fixes.

How Can You Prevent Pests From Accessing Your Gutters and Causing Damage?

To prevent rodents from accessing your home, contact a local gutter guard professional to make necessary repairs or replacements to old gutter systems. Many local professionals will investigate to find the root cause of your gutter issues and may even recommend further measures to prevent rodents. Gutter guards (or shields) are a cost-effective measure to prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from clogging your gutters as frequently. Gutter guard systems consist of screens placed over your gutters to keep debris out and allow water to flow freely. Without one, your gutters need to be inspected and cleaned out a couple of times a year. This task can be time consuming and even dangerous if you try to do it yourself. With stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards, you can protect your home year round.

Get Gutter Protection for Your Home With All American Gutter Protection

Here at All American Gutter Protection, we install the best leaf guards in America, provide exemplary service and support, offer competitive pricing and discounts to provide the best-in-class performance guarantee. We know we are the best solution for your home. Thanks to our guards’ durable design, you can experience peace of mind knowing that the durable micromesh is catching even the smallest debris and preventing clogs. Furthermore, gutter guards (or shields) can prevent rodents from entering your gutters and causing damage to your home. Although they do not solve rodent issues completely, gutter guards limit the access points for rodents and prevent nesting material from being readily available. It is recommended to combine gutter protection with additional solutions such as pest control services. Contact us for a no-obligation gutter guard estimate and see how affordable it is to get the best gutters and gutter guards for your home!