heated gutter protectionHeated gutter protection has become popular in states with heavy winters because of its ability to decrease or eliminate the build-up of snow and ice on gutters and gutter protection. Heat cables are laid in the crevice of gutter protection to transfer heat for melting and ensuring that your gutters are clog-free, even in the winter. 

What Regions Are Heated Gutters Recommended? 

In heavy snowy climates, heated gutter protection is recommended and important to prevent freezing. Regions like Ohio, Michigan and New York get snowy climates and are more prone to snow storms and freezing temperatures compared to warmer states. While there is no guarantee of ice-free gutters, heated gutter protection significantly decreases the likelihood of ice dams, freezing and dangerous icicles forming around your home. 

Benefits of Heated Gutter Protection 

As mentioned before, heated gutter protection is the elimination of ice dams, snow build up and icicles. Another benefit is the prevention of leaks, moisture, cracks and water damage to your home’s structure. Your gutters are not at risk of sagging or pulling away from your home due to heavy ice dams when you use this method of protection. Heated gutter protection decreases the likelihood of debris clogging your gutter and keeps your home safe from the dangers of ice dams and icicles.

All American’s Heated Gutter Protection

All American Gutter Protection gutter guards have a channel on the outer side for heat cables. The heat cables are put into these channels and protected with a cap through your entire gutter system, into the downspout and out, and plugged into a nearby outlet. These heat cables safely radiate heat throughout the aluminum support frame. This warm micro-climate allows melted ice to be pushed through the micromesh screen while filtering out any leaves, dirt or other debris.


If every winter you notice ice dams forming on your gutters and surrounding areas, causing dangerous icicles and leaks, you might want to consider heated gutter protection, Not only does it keep your gutter guards free of ice, but it decreases the chance of damage from excessive weight, water, leaks and ice dams. For November only, All American Gutter Protection is offering 15% off of its heated gutter protection backed by a lifetime performance warranty until 11/30/23. Don’t wait to jump on this offer, safeguard your home this winter and relax knowing you’re protected the All American way!