When it comes to protecting homes from rainwater damage, micro mesh gutter guards outperform other types of gutter guards. These durable yet lightweight guards are designed to keep leaves and other debris out of gutters while also letting rainwater in, so it can be directed away from home exteriors.

How Do Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Work?

Micro mesh gutter screen systems typically have the following components:

Frame: The frames on our micro mesh gutter guards are made of high-quality aluminum, which provides added strength. These aluminum frames also make our gutter guards more durable than cheap plastic frames.

Internal support/brackets: Our gutter guards have strong internal support/brackets that help ensure that the entire system stays firmly secure.

Micro mesh screen: Our gutter guards have a stainless steel micro mesh screen that offers more protection than other types of gutter guards. These self-locking screens are available in varying sizes to accommodate homes with different types of trees and gutter clogging debris.

Micro mesh gutter guards are built to provide highly effective protection from damage caused by rainwater. They are able to block all debris from entering gutters, including small twigs and fallen leaves. The micro mesh screen on these guards prevents this debris from getting into gutters while also allowing rainwater to get through and flow through the gutters and downspout away from your home.

Why Choose Micro Mesh Gutter Guards?

Micro mesh gutter screens offer a number of benefits compared to gutter protection systems made from other materials. In fact, these gutter guards have been considered the top consumer-rated gutter protection systems by several reporting agencies, including Consumer Reports. These are some of the features that make these gutter guards superior to other types of gutter protection:

Durability: Micro mesh gutter guards are built to last longer than other types of gutter guards, such as foam and screen guards. This makes them a cost-effective option when you need a gutter protection system.

No clogs:
Debris can easily get into screen, reverse curve, brush and foam guards, which limits their ability to protect your home from rainwater. When clogs form, you also have to remove these guards in order to clear out your gutters. With micro mesh gutter guards, you don’t have to worry about clogs.

Easy maintenance:
Foam, brush and screen gutter guards need to be taken out and put back in place in order to ensure that your gutters are clean. Micro mesh gutter guards do not have to be removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

No roof problems: Reverse curve gutter guards can reduce the curb appeal of your home due to their appearance. They might also lift up the shingles on your roof, which could end up voiding your warranty.

About All American Gutter Protection

Our company, which has more than 50 years’ worth of combined experience in the gutter protection industry, developed gutter guards that offer maximum protection from rainwater. In addition to developing our micro mesh gutter guards, we also offer dependable installation services done by our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals. Request a gutter guard estimate today.

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