Gutter guards are notorious for preventing clogs and debris from ruining your gutter system. All American Gutter Protection is recommended by Today’s Homeowners as 1 of the 6 best gutter guards for snow and ice in 2023. With micro-mesh gutter guards, snow can easily be filtered through to prevent the build-up of water which causes ice dams, but what exactly happens when they freeze?

Why do they freeze?

Gutter guards freeze because of cold temperatures, clogs and little to no insulation. The lack of heat combined with the freezing temperatures and debris causes ice dams to form. Ice dams are formed by melted snow dripping down toward the edges and refreezing to form ice dams and icicles that hang over the edge of the roof. When springtime comes, ice dams will melt away and water will flow through your gutter system as long as it has a proper cleaning before winter. 

Problems that come with freezing temperatures

Usually, the material gutter guards are made from can also contribute to freezing because of how cold they can get. The freeze-thaw cycles in winter can destroy your gutters and the structural integrity of your home including leaks into your foundation and ceilings. As the water expands to freeze, it causes leaks that can seep into your ceilings, walls and insulation. Excess water over a prolonged time can lead to mold growth. 

The exposure of water and ice can cause your roof to be susceptible to roof rot including your fascia boards, shingles, or any other wood structure. The heavy weight of frozen gutter guards can lead to cracks, sagging or the guards pulling from your home altogether. With all these things in mind, it’s a great idea to prepare your gutters for the winter. Learn more about how to winterize your gutter guards this snowy season. 


Micro mesh gutter guards with aluminum bodies are the best at staying durable and withstanding the winter weather. Lucky for you All American Gutter Protection specializes in top-rated micro mesh gutter protection. We are even recommended by Today’s Homeowners as 1 of the 6 best gutter guards for snow and ice in 2023. When gutter guards freeze, they can cause discomfort for homeowners because of the icicles, but we are here to help with any questions or concerns! Gutter guards are important for the winter, especially when everything melts come springtime. Call now to get a free estimate.