Gutter Guards may be one of the best products that you can install on your home. When rainwater is correctly captured and diverted away from your house you avoid the pitfalls of water damage. When rainwater clogs in your gutters your home is at risk for roof damage and leaks, foundation damage, landscape erosion, driveway and sidewalk shifting, and more.

When you install the best gutter guards in America you can rest assured that rainwater is not damaging your home.  But with dozens of products available, how can homeowners know what to look for when selecting a company? The team at All American Gutter Protection has compiled the following list of 5 things you should consider when choosing gutter guard installers.

Choosing Gutter Guard Installer

1. Is the company accredited?

As with all home improvement projects, the BBB is a great place to start. When you’re choosing gutter guard installers for your home be sure to check the company’s rating, reviews, and any past complaints at your local BBB website. Need an example of what a reputable company’s BBB page should look like? Take a peek at All American’s BBB profile.

2. Is the company licensed or registered?

Or, is the company approved to do business in your state? Requirements vary from state to state, but you can look up the requirements for your state on this site from our friends at Home Advisor.

3. What do past customers think about the product?

Take time to find your own reviews about the company and the product. A sales representative or the company’s website will most likely have reviews. But if you want to find unbiased reviews you’ll need to do some leg work. Search the internet for the company’s name plus terms such as “complaints” or “problems.” If you want honest reviews be prepared to invest at least 30 minutes searching Google.

4. What type of warranty does the company offer?

Read the warranty or the guarantee upfront. Read what the company has published on their site (find ours here) and request copies of any warranties or guarantees before you sign a contract. Don’t necessarily take the representative’s statements as accurate…do your homework and see what the company will do if there are problems in the future.

Beware! Many gutter guard companies promote a “no-clog” guarantee that only covers the interior of your gutters clogging, not clogs of the gutter guard itself. If the warranty does not cover clogs of the company’s product that should be a huge warning sign.

5. What else does the company do?

Does the company focus on gutter guards? Or do they also install roofing, siding, windows, patios, or other products? You’re typically going to find the best gutter guard installers by working with companies that only install gutters and gutter guards.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gutter Guard Installer

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gutter Guard Installer


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