Ever wonder how much gutter guards cost?

Cleaning leaves, pine needles and other debris out of the gutters is likely something that you do at least on a semi-annual basis. After all, doing so prevents clogs at the downspouts, which thereby ensures water drains properly to prevent foundation issues, soil erosion and even roof damage.

But cleaning the gutters isn’t exactly a desirable task for most homeowners – and it can even be a dangerous one if heights and ladders are involved. Homeowners opposed to cleaning out their own gutters can do one of two things – pay someone to do it for them or invest in a gutter guard system that keeps debris out, while still allowing water runoff to drain properly.

Gutter guards are becoming a more popular home solution, as they provide a long-term, maintenance-free solution to clogged gutter systems. But gutter guard cost is still something homeowners weigh when deciding whether or not to invest in them. Here’s a closer look:

Gutter Guards Cost

So just how much do gutter guards cost? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question due to a variety of factors that need to be considered. These factors include the size and shape of the home, the type and quality of the gutter guard being installed and whether the guards are installed professionally or by the homeowner, among others.

Generally speaking, gutter guards are cheaper if you choose the DIY options, but this is a project that is turns into a yearly tradition. These are not professionally installed and sometimes last no longer than a year or two. The other option is getting a professionally installed gutter guard. You’ll pay a little more for these, but the company will do the install for you, as well as cleaning out and repairing the gutters you have. These can last decades, if not forever. The different types of gutter guards significantly impact the price of your home’s gutter protection. If you’re serious about getting gutter guards installed, it’s important to take into consideration not just the estimated price, but the company’s reputation, any available warranties offered and the quality of the gutter guards and whether they’ll be effective in keeping debris out of the gutters.

The Cost of Not Having Gutter Guards

There are several things to note for those who don’t have gutter guards installed. The biggest thing is safety, as gutter protection eliminates the need for homeowners to climb up to their roof to clean their gutters. If you hire someone to clean your own gutters, then this ongoing cost will continue to be something that you make year-after-year. Being that the typical cost for a one-time gutter cleaning is around $75, this can add up over time versus the one-time investment of gutter guards that will ideally pay for itself over the years.

What else can happen without gutter protection? Clogged gutters can cause roof rotting and leaks, landscape erosion and even foundation damage.

All American Gutter Protection

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