Gutters with excessive moisture are prone to develop rust and corrosion over their lifetime. This can cause gutters to age faster and you’ll need new gutters. Gutter guards deter moisture from accumulating to prolong your entire system.

How gutter guards prevent rust and corrosion

When gutters constantly fill with moist leaves and debris, they corrode and rust. Leaves and debris are unable to accumulate with gutter guards which doesn’t allow for standing water. Micro-mesh gutter guards like the ones All American Gutter Protection uses, act as filtration systems to prevent debris from building up in your gutter system. Rust can comprise gutter durability and effectiveness so it’s important to keep an eye out for signs and take care of it when you first notice.

Gutters and rust 

If your home is in an area with excessive moisture and rainwater buildup, experts recommend using copper gutters because of their effectiveness in preventing rust and corrosion. These long-lasting gutters are more expensive but worth it in the end. Gutter guards can be installed on top of copper gutters to prevent clogging and debris buildup. 

Rust and corrosion can decrease the effectiveness of your gutters. To prevent this from happening on your home’s gutter system, consider installing gutter guards or copper gutters. All American Gutter Protection offers both products with a same-day estimate so you know what to expect. Contact us today to learn more about what you can do to combat your rusty gutters.