Across the United States, communities get hit with storms causing damage to their homes, landscapes, community buildings and even gutters. Walking around your home to identify signs of damage can help you from further damage in the long run. 

Signs of damage

A few signs may be apparent and require your immediate attention such as loose, hanging, or fallen gutters. Putting off fixing these can cause extreme water damage to your walls, roof and foundation. Other damage signs may include gaps, dents and holes which can affect the water flow of your gutters. 

Storms can blow excessive debris into your gutters clogging them or even high winds strong enough to cause misalignment. When clogging or misalignment happens, your gutters will not divert water away from your home causing overflow and water damage. Overflow and water damage can cause parts of your home to rot such as fascia and drywall. You will need to clean and unclog them yourself or hire a professional. Leaking can also occur, which disrupts the proper flow and structure of your gutters. 

Fixing it

Depending on the severity of the damage to your gutters caused by the storm, you can either learn to fix it yourself or hire a professional to ensure your safety and repair guarantee. Many professionals can help you repair any gutter damage caused by a storm. If you need new gutters, gutter guards, sealants, endcaps, downspouts or a fascia repair, All American Gutter Protection is here to help. We offer the best lifetime performance guarantee for the life of your home. Call us at (888)-323-8090 or fill out our online form for a free estimate good for up to one year.